In Sick, join Laura as she recounts her experiences with OCD, anxiety, depression, and anorexia nervosa. Sick (In the Name of Being Well, I Made Myself Sick) is a book on eating disorders like no other, including a special section with input from various health practitioners and dozens of healing exercises to engage your imagination. Uplift yourself today by reading Laura’s story and see that you too contain the courage to be well in your own eyes and to live honestly from your heart.

Instantly download Sick as a PDF, have it sent to your mobile device or read the full version in your browser through Scribd. You can also read the book on your Kindle, or buy it in paperback and hardcover through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Additionally, e-book, paperback and hardcover are available through Balboa Press.

Read a free excerpt and learn more at About Sick.


Coming October 2014

Copying or taking information or ideas from this website is prohibited. The purpose is to share my feelings and opinions as genuinely as possible. Nothing provided here is medical advice. I am a published author whose work is copyrighted.

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